It is hard to choose exterior house paint colors because one simple mistake will make you face a cold house every day. Painting your outdoor area is supposed to make your home look and feel warm. Wrong colors can make it feel flat and boring but you should also avoid colors that are too overwhelming. Whenever you use very bright colors, mix them with some dull ones to bring out a contrast that will make them look beautiful.

When you choose the right exterior house paint colors, the good features of your home will be highlighted. This can also hide some flaws of your home and make it look perfect.
Here are some tips to ensure that you choose the right exterior house paint colors:

1. History: Sometimes you want to make an old home look good and at the same time maintain its original color scheme. You can hire a professional who can examine the old paint chips to know the original color of the outdoor area. Historic color charts can help you know the colors that were used around the time when the house was built.

2. Current colors: Some neighborhoods only allow the residence to use the current colors available to make their homes look more updated. Check to see what is most appropriate in your surroundings then you can go on to paint your exterior house.
Exterior House Paint Color

3. Neighbors: It is not wise to copy your neighbor’s exterior house paint colors but you can get an idea on what colors to use. You select colors that give a good contrast between the two homes and at the same time look beautiful.

4. Nature: The surrounding of your home can give you brilliant ideas on what colors to choose. If there are many trees near your home, you can use some earthly colors or some vivid blues and coral colors. If you live near an ocean. You can use nature to combine colors to get a very beautiful outdoor area in your home.

5. Roof: Check your roof and see if there are some colors that have already been established to give you an idea on which colors to use on the exteriors. Some canvas come with some colors while others are just blank.

6. Odd features: Some parts of your home can not be painted. These include the brick walls or vinyl windows. These parts have to remain in their original colors and this means that you have to choose colors that will match with them.

7. Interior colors: The inside part of your home can help you to choose the right colors for your outdoor area. This makes sure that there is some connection between the exterior and the interior colors. Let the furniture and walls harmonize to make your home more appealing.

8. Balance: Make sure that the colors you use are balanced. If you go for too bright exterior house paint colors on one side of your home, you may give a loop sided look, which is not beautiful.